KENNARDPHILLIPPS: HERE COMES EVERYBODY │ Stills, Edinburgh → 25 October 2015

Here Comes Everybody (Paper money Study#1) (2015), pigment ink on paper


“Viźlîzñ ɖ cnẋn btwn ɖ oprest mjoṛti n ɖ ṗlitcl n fnanśl ilit”

Adam Benmakhlouf SKINNY 1 August 2015
Krystyna Sierbien AESTHETICA 6 June 2015
Richard Slocombe STOP THE WAR COALITION 3 May 2015

kennardphillipps NEW STATESMAN 22 October 2013
Ian Youngs BBC 18 October 2013
Jonathan Jones GUARDIAN 15 October 2013
ART REPUBLIC 30 September 2010

Photo Op, 2005


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