At a star-studded event at the fabulous McCormick Place Convention Centre in Chicago last night, A Short Spel™ was awarded the prestigious Parallax International Spelling Trophy for the second year in a row. A Short Spel™ was judged, yet again, to be “The Best Short-Spel Website in The English-Speaking World”.

The trophy was presented by Donald J Trump™, whose key-note address had earlier had the packed audience rolling in the aisles under a barrage of his trademark sparkling wit, including, of course, his famously wicked double entendres.

Check out the acceptance speech from our Global President, Lady Philistina Cromwell:

At a star-studd ivnt at ɖ fabyḷs MCormic Plês Cnvnśnsentr in Śicago last nît, A Śort Spel™ wz awordd ɖ prestijs Paṛlax Inṭnaśnl Spelñtrofi fr ɖ secnd yir in a ro. A Śort Spel™ wz jujd, yt agn, t b “Đ Bst Śort-Spel Websait in ɖ Ñgliś-spīcñ Wrld”.

Đ trôfi wz prizntd bî Donld J Trump™, huz cīnot adres hd ŕlịr hd ɖ pact ōdịns rolñ in ɖ ailz undr a barāź v hiz trêdmarc sparclñ wit, includñ, v cors, hiz femsli wicid double entendres.

Ćec ât ɖ axptnșpīć fṛm âr Glôbl Prezidnt, Lêdi Filistīna Cromwel:


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