Poems from Uncle Arthur: Life Sentence

(with ubiquitous apologies)

Life’s to be lived

so live for today

or carpe diem

if your Latin’s OK

and don’t lose the will to live

or say life ain’t worth living

because you only live once

and life’s too short

as we’re here today

gone tomorrow

indeed from cradle to grave

ain’t that long a stay

life is a cabaret old chum

the best things in life are free

living is easy with eyes closed

and life’s not about how many breaths you take

but the moments that take your breath away

so live and let live

eat drink and be merry

for tomorrow

can look after itself

and anyway

our little life is rounded with a sleep

and life what is it but a dream

which is not to say life can’t be cruel

life is hard

and nothing is certain but death and taxes

so look lively

he came to save the living not the dead

live as if every day was your last

don’t fret about spelling or grammar

and certainly not syntax

it’s not a matter of life or death

it’s more important than that

remember God writes straight on crooked lives

and live life to the full stop

♥ ♣ ♦ 

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