"House by the Railroad," Edward Hopper, 1925

5 thoughts on “About Artists: RACHEL WHITEREAD

  1. Thanks for providing such a comprehensive overview. This has radically changed my understanding and opinion about ‘House’ and Rachel Whiteread.

    1. Thanks very much for your response, Liz. I’d be interested to know in what way it’s changed your opinion. For myself, I think knocking it down was Grade I municipal vandalism, regardless of the question of sponsorship. And I was impressed by how calmly and coherently she talks about her work, especially about the Holocaust Memorial in Vienna – particularly pertinent after the Austrians nearly elected a fascist president a few days ago.

      I hope your own art is going well. When’s your next exhibition?

      Have a lovely weekend

      1. Hi Frank. The first video with the squatters put the possible political statement of the work into clearer ficus fir me. Then the video diary of the house before during and after creation was very moving I thought. I have lived in a couple of terraced houses from that period in York. Sash windows/ fireplaces/ heavy pitch pine panelled doors / dark stained curved banisters with cream painted spindles / rooms wallpapered in outsized 70s flowery paper…
        Painting prolifically as usual. No solo show this year but several group shows – Edinburgh / Cornwall / Dublin. You can as always see recent work on my blog
        You have a great weekend too – best, Liz

        1. Come and exhibit in Coventry, Liz. I can’t be traipsing off to the wild Celtic lands – not at my age. And it’s possible people might even speak to you here (you never know!).

          Yes, I’ll have a good look at your blog.

          (Your description of the terraced house in York is a poem all on its own.)

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