Frank Poems: CAR MEN

Website of Barry Rowe, automotive artist

Men for the car
A car for the don

Ants for the pirates
An O for the oath

A fig for marriage
Butter for madam

A cosy for tea
Tell William!

Dough for the merry
Love for Ellie

A fan for the fox
Staff for the Fall

Spades for the queen
An egg for Eugene

Dutch for the flying
A ring for the cycle

Peace for war
A rose for the ear

A castle for beards
A bar for the bride

Rhymes for Peter
A rake for the pro

A mack for the lady
Gore for the ruddy

A bud for Billy
A god for Boris

A daughter for Reggie
Force for the tinny

A bin for Jack
A flue for the magic

A turn for the crew
A loo for Lu

Oranges for love
A grin for the low

A hat for the wife
A loss for the fair

A dam for the gutter
A dream for the summer

China for Nick
Pearls for the fish

Juliette for Rome
A son for Sam

Midday for the semi
An opera for Penny

A tour for Dot
And dough for Mick

Vespers for Cecil
A car for the men.



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