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Poems from Uncle Arthur: Life Sentence



(wɖ ybiqiṭs apoḷjiz)

Lîf’s t b livd

so liv fr tde

or carpe diem

f yr Latin’z oce

n d’nt lūz ɖ wil t liv

or se lîf e’nt wrʈ livñ

bcz y onli liv wns

n lîf’s tù śort

az w’r hir tde

gn tmoro

indd fṛm credl t grev

e’nt ɖt loñ a ste

lîf z a caḅre old ćum

ɖ bst ʈñz in lîf r fri

livñ z īzi wɖ îz clozd

n lîf’s nt abt hǎ mni breʈs y tec

bt ɖ momnts ɖt tec yr breʈ awe

so liv n let liv

īt drinc n b meri

fr tmoro

cn lc aftr itslf

n enwe

ǎr litl lîf z rǎndd wɖ a slīp

n lîf ẃt z it bt a drīm

wć z nt t se lîf c’nt b cruwl

lîf z hard

n nʈñ z srtn bt deʈ n taxz

so lc lîvli

h cem t sev ɖ livñ nt ɖ ded

liv az if evri de wz yr last

d’nt fret abt spelñ or gramr

n srtnli nt sintax

it’s nt a matr v lîf or deʈ

it’s mor importnt ɖn ɖt

rmembr God raits stret on crŭcid lîvz

n liv lîf t ɖ fl stop





Translation of a statement from the Brazilian Society for Scientific Progress (SBPC):

SBPC protests in the strongest possible terms against the judicial and police actions that led to the detention of managers, ex-managers and academics at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) on 6 December, in an operation to investigate alleged embezzlement in the construction of the Political Amnesty Memorial in Brazil. The police action has left the academic community at UFMG – and indeed the whole country – in shock at the way in which it was carried out. There can be no justification for the use of force without a due summons, nor for the disregard of the rights, as citizens, of the Rector and Vice-Rectors, and other UFMG directors and staff. Turning judicial actions into a show is not compatible with a democratic society. It is an attack on individual dignity and rights, and could lead to a priori judgement and unjust condemnation. Actions like those that took place previously at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), and recently at UFMG, are taking us back to the times of the dictatorship, against which the SBPC fought determinedly, alongside so many Brazilians.