(Photo inverted for better perspective)

Since retiring as faculty registrar of Birmingham Institute of Art & Design in 2008, I’ve devoted myself to translating (from Czech and Portuguese), to the creation of Ñspel, and to painting and drawing. I live with my wife Helena, who’s a horticultural magician*, in Coventry, England.

I also use my blog to disseminate the poems – or doggerel, as he calls them – of my elderly Liverpudlian friend Thomas Hardly, who, unfortunately, is computer-illiterate.

The painting in the background above is a “Johnson-Pollock” that I did with grandchildren Eve, Louis and Max. We had a splashing time.


GROWER CONSTRICTOR (Photo not inverted, for reasons of my health and safety)


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Edward Hopper: HOUSE BY THE RAILROAD, 1925


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