Wikipedia: UK Cities of Culture

Coventry, Hull and Derry,
Derry, Hull and Coventry,
Three Cities of Culture,
Culture of three cities.

Poetry’s part of culture,
Culture’s part of poetry.
I’ve written poetry myself,
Poetry I myself have written

(I write poems in Coventry,
Coventry writes poems in me)

But with no discernible effect,
The effect has not been discernible
Of the poetry I’ve written
With no discernible effect

On Derry, Hull or Coventry,
On Coventry, Hull or Derry
Or even Brays Lane,
Not to mention Britain.

(Brays Lane’s part of Britain,
Britain’s part of Bray’s Lane.)

Maybe I’d have more effect,
More effect I’d have,
If I just keep writing forward
And stop writing back.

"House by the Railroad," Edward Hopper, 1925


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