Frank Poems: FREE SPEE


English PEN

Who ha believe
A the en o the millen
Tha peop freed o spee
Wou be le now tha the?

Whe you ope yo mou
You ca reasonab expec
To be round denoun
A polit incorrec

An despi the advan
In sci an technol
Jus loo whe we are
In pol, phil an theol

For instan, in itics
You mus wa wha you say.
It mo abou dirt tric
Tha the ar o deba

I you ha the misfor
To li und a dictat regi,
You bet thin twi bef
Expressi yo opi

They a screa an shou
I you say Donal Trum
Is a bull, a li
An a absolu chum

They sli so polon
I the tea i yo cu,
Shou you wan to ma know
Mist Put i corrup

Bes to be abstrac
I you ta abou phil.
Don be li Socrat
An ge yosel kill

An a to relig
You fin it mo clev
To stay i the reg
O footba an weath

They cho o yo he
I you dou al-Qura
O sto you to de
Fo debati Isla

I the evangel righ
Don li wha i say,
They wi picke a frs nigh
To sto you watchi a play

I they thin tha a boo
I a lit bit hereti,
They bur i i publi
Withou havi rea i

No to ment paint, sculp,
Fil, vid, mus, dan an so,
Whe sti plent o peop
Fin the fundament wro

So plea don denoun me,
My sel-righteou fren,
An I ho you allow me
To ge to the en

Withou freed o spee,
A thi po demonstra,
The meani o langua
Soo crumble away.


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