Frank Poems: SAXOPOMES 2

Wikipedia: Soprano saxophone

From piano-forte
To pianissimo, impro
Has it all to play.

Your Royal Highnesses
And every aristocrat, pray
Be orf and don’t come back.

A republic means
A country that’s made itself

The Guardian, 25 November 2018: "Are honorifics a matter of class, clarity or culture? The verdicts are in"
The rich and powerful
Like it when we bow and scrape.
Don’t participate!

Live life by profit
And loss. Lose your soul and let
Profit be your boss.

Expensive perfumes
Containing hardly any scent
Make hardly any sense.

En-Vols, 31 October 2022: "The most expensive perfumes in the world, revealed"

Irish Times, 3 March 2018: "‘Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again’: ‘Rebecca’ and me"
Last night I dreamt of
Rebecca again, and tonight,
Reader, I’ve read it.

They were the best times,
They were the worst times, even
Without genitives.

A foreign country,
Where things aren’t done the same way.
We call it the past.

A wife is wanted
For a rich young bachelor.
Of that we’re all sure.

April. Bright and cold.
The clocks were striking 13,
19, 84.

Bugger all down here.
Let’s pray intelligent life is
Being clever up there.

Turkeys, vote en masse
For Benjamin Zephaniah!
Don’t vote for Christmas.

Humanity and
Humaneness: hopelessfully

Hey Joe, where you going
As eponymous hero
Of that hateful song?

One can never be
Too clever, except when one’s
Too clever by half.

Initial ID
Isn’t the real entity
Of identity.

Be true to yourself.
That is, if you remember
Which self is your self.

Whether you travel
Near or far, it’s not easy
To arrive at who you are.

Are you a glass half-full
Or a glass completely empty
Sort of not-full glass?

Cleverness is nice
But it’s not clever to be
Clever but not nice.


Look up on YouTube
Led by Donkeys and you’ll see
We’re led by donkeys.

Rejoice and be glad!
For this poem is both short and

I wasn’t really
There in the 1960s:
I remember them.

At seminary
I learnt being good is better
Than bothering God.

A world religion
Is a cult that’s currently
Holy sectcessful.

The dead don’t come back.
The living don’t want to leave.
Brexit’s total crap.

Paz em três linguas.
Síocháin i dtrí theanga. Mír
Ve třech jazycích.

Neznámý jazyk.
Krásný schovaný výhled.
Otevři okno.

Teanga iasachta.
Radharc an-álainn i bhfolach.
Oscail an fhuinneog.

Lingua estrangeira.
Vista linda não vista.
Abre a janela.

A foreign language.
A beautiful unseen view.
Open the window.

Would you have others
Do unto you, sisters, brothers,
As you do unto them?

Plus imperfectionism
Makes humanism.

Wikipedia: Spelling of Shakespeare's name

Not knowing how to spell
His name didn’t diminish
William Shakspere’s fame.

I wandered lonely
As a cloud that floats on high
Over No Entry signs.

The Guardian, 18 April 2019: "So 1% of the people own half of England. Inheritance tax reform could fix that." Photograph: Owen Humphreys/PA

Half of England owned
By one percent is serfdom
In a change of clothes.

The Guardian, 17 April 2019: "Half of England is owned by less than 1% of the population." Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Sod the effing bastards!
(Unpoetic language is fine
If kept to one line.)

The fearless soldier
Goes down fighting. The writer,
Right to the full stop.

Does, mirror, mirror,
On the wall, Mandela Effect
Affect you at all?

Indefinite a
And most definitely the
Shouldn’t end like that.

Please bring some apples
Up the pears,
when coming down
The pears and apples.

Being invisible
Shouldn’t mean
you can’t be heard,
Just you can’t be

As mighty oak trees grow
From little acorns, just so
Plant little poet trees.

Always a better,
Always a worse, but never
A mediocrer

Be the best you are,
Not the worst you’re not, and then
Let all the rest rest.

Voxeurop, 14 September 2022: "Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine tops the 2022 European Cartoon awards"

How to put the world
Out of order: pander to
People like Putin.

The Guardian, 25 September 2022: "Nicola Jennings on Vladimir Putin’s mobilisation drive"


A murderous psychopath,
Vladimir Putin.

April 2022: "This year’s 9 May Victory Day parade in Moscow as envisaged by Bulgarian satirical journal Pras Press"

A prayer for Putin’s
May parade: May it rain, may
It rain, may it rain.

Says Mr Putin,
Don’t be good. If I could be
More evil, I would.

Which side gets butter?
Patriarch K thinks it’s better
On the side marked P.

The Guardian, 12 March 2022: "The grim reaper confronts Vladimir Putin"

I’m coming for you,
Владимир Путин. My name
Is Fate. Как дела?

Seven, eight, nine, ten,
Eleven. Evil bastards
Don’t go to heaven.

The Guardian, 7 August 2022: "Ben Jennings on Boris Johnson’s last weeks as prime minister"

Tories are revolt
Ing. Boris Johnson’s revolt
Ing. Why aren’t we re

Political poems
Can be too polemical.
Peace is poetical.

 Steve Bray Activist Against Brexit + Corrupt Tories

Poems won’t stop a war.
Perhaps that’s not
what they’re for.
Here’s a curse instead:

Shamsia Hassani

The Taliban ban
Women from doing
what men can.
Ban the Taliban!

Will the world survive
Is a fuss about nothing.
The worry is us.

Half moon

Leave the Moon alone!
Be content with fucking up
Planet Earth, our home.

Things could be better
Elsewhere in the multiverse,
If not multiworse.

A part of our world,
Our galaxy and universe.
Unique. You and me.

Even the erudite
Can confuse what’s eruright
With what’s eruwrong.

"House by the Railroad," Edward Hopper, 1925


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