Frank Poems: SAXOPOMES 3

Wikipedia: Baritone saxophone

Whilst waiting in line,
Synchronised jigging of hips
Might help pass the time.

Live in the mo… Woops!
Live… Woops!
or just keep living
In the past… Perfect!

Précis: precisely
Saying what was said, but less
Not more. Precisely!

This might have been like
What one would write, were one not
Sick of subjunctives.

Is thought inferior
To not thinking?
That’s something
One might think about.

Money makes the world
Go round, whereupon the rich
Round it up, not down.

The List, 30 August 2022: "Grace Kelly's Marriage To Prince Rainier III"

If you’re somebody,
Seems you must marry someone
Who’s not nobody.

Yeats keeps arising
And going, going

but never gone

Along to Innisfree.

La la la la la.
Why should the la la’s be last?
Let the la’s be first.

Roundabout Midnight

Round about midnight
Is about the right time for
Midnight roundabouts.

Woke up this morning,
Got them City blues. Two nil
Sutton United.

A game of two halves:
Forty-five minutes followed
By the same again.

Wikipedia: Auguste Gabriel Maurice Raynaud (10 August 1834 – 29 June 1881)

Raynauld’s would’nt be
So cold, if it weren’t he who
Discovered Raynauld’s.

The extremely unctious
Shouldn’t be that much in need
Of extreme unction.

Veritas vincit.
Vincit veritas. Looked at
Front or back, truth wins.

Charity may be
The best of the three,

but hope

Is the last to leave.

(June, 2022)

Into Capitol attack
Tells us truth trumps Trump.

CNN, 13 June 2022: "Jan. 6 committee holds second hearing." Photo: Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

Nudging native tongues
To linguacide’s a silent
Sort of genocide.

The Guardian, 4 February 2010: "Ancient tribal language becomes extinct as last speaker dies."

The Land of the Free:
A euphemia where people
Get shot frequently.

Cartoon Movement: Steve Greenberg, 25 March 2013

America, please
See common sense and amend

Architecture & Design: "50+ Brilliant Tombstones By People Whose Sense Of Humor Will Live Forever"

RIP but, I

Willard power puts camels through
The eye of a needle.

Owning a joke shop
Is no laughing matter: it’s
The way they sell them.

This has been written
By me, A.I. Sadly I can’t
Write my copyright.

If there is a god,
Let her, him, it or them be

Holy pronoun-free.

Little Bo Peep’s sheep!
Leave them alone! Wagging,
Tails have happy endings.

Hey, Talking Black Sheep!
Got any wool? Yeah, three bags –
One each for three peeps.

Higgle Piggle Hen
Lays lots of eggs, which I then
Sell to gentlemen.

Hey diddle diddle,
Cat cow little dog fiddle.
Dish spoon skedaddle.

Miss Muffet. Tuffet,
Curds, whey.
Spider beside her!
Muffet sped away.

Little Jack Horner,
Corner, Christmas pie,
thumb, plum,
Self-praise. Rum-ti-tum.

Humpty Dumpty. Wall.
Fall! King’s cavalry. First aid.
Alas! Too ovulate.

Old lady swallowed
Fly spider bird cat dog goat
Cow horse. Dead? Of course.

Grand Old Duke of York.
Ten thousand men.
Up. Down. Up
Up. Down down… Dope.

Down the woods today?
Surprise! There’s a picnic there
For teddy bears. Yay!

Go n-éirí an bóthar
Leat, is go mbeadh do shaol lán
Le áthas agus craic.
May the road rise up
To meet you,
and your life full
Of Hibernian fun.

Artworks by me: GO N-ÉIRÍ AN BÓTHAR LEAT │ 2021 │ 61 cm diameter │Acrylics

A lesser grievance
Of old age, good grief! is pips
Stuck between your teeth.

When all’s said and done
And the battle’s lost and won,
Two add two’s still four.

After poetry, there’s
Doggerel, caterwaul and –
Begad! – bugger all.


Being in a hurry
We’ve no time to worry about
How timeless is time.

Time in Our Peas

Live life like a poem.
No matter how hard at times,
Try to make it rhyme.

Life is a struggle
Of Now versus Then, in which
Then is the winner. Amen.

And literal heartache. Not
Even simile.

Heart failure is bad
But not even half as bad
As failure of the soul.

I’m dead, I think, though
According to R Descartes,
Erm, therefore I aren’t.

Widewalls, 4 August 2019: "Breaking Down the Concept Behind Damien Hirst's Shark." Image: Damien Hirst - The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, 1990.

Humorous alive,
Perhaps post-humorously
Funny on the other side.

Alive but dying. Dead
But not quite.
Trying to buy time
To rhyme the last bend.

Going down fast. Tell me,
Tell me,
please tell me the answer,
Coz this time’s the last.


When you’re feeling up
Side down, try to ground your feet
Firmly on the ceiling.

It’s good to talk, good
To be silent. Better still
To know what’s good when.

What happened before
The beginning began, and
What, after the end ends?

Spring summer autumn
Winter. Birth adolescence
Adulthood death. Spring

Et in saecula
Saeculorum orum or
Um orum. Amen.

Horror without end
Is even worse than an end
With horror. The End.

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