Coventry City FC website, 16 May 2022: Gallery - 1987 FA Cup Final - 35 years on

Cov won the Cup in 1987,
Causing an outbreak of unbridled joy –
The nearest a city gets to earthly heaven.
But earthly heavens not being unalloyed,

It lasted only about two weeks. That said,
The memory has rippled down the years:
Cov once knew earthly heaven. Don’t forget!
We watched the famous game at Auntie Vera’s.

Clive Allen’s headed goal for Spurs was scored
When one of us went, unwisely, to the loo,
So of course a ban on going had to be enforced
From then until the final whistle blew –

Our heroic role has never been acknowledged;
I’m writing this, in part, to right that wrong.
Not just the team – the whole city won it,
And every Coventry kid deserved a gong.

Our earthly home in sky-blue bliss enrapt.
Even heavenly heaven can’t compete with that.

"House by the Railroad," Edward Hopper, 1925


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