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Acacia, Knight and Strathmore Avenues,
Charterhouse, Cornwall, Monks and Terry Roads,
St George’s Road and Humber Avenue,
Gulson, Harper, Orwell and Welland Roads,
London, David, Seagrave and Severn Roads,
Bramble, Far Gosford and Vecqueray Streets,
Gulson, Northfield and St Margaret’s Roads,
Cornwall Road, and Grafton and Whitefriars Streets,
Humber Road, Charterhouse Drive and Short Street,
Firedrake Croft, and Irving and Ribble Roads,
Parkside, and Paradise and Gresham Streets,
Binley, Bolingbroke, Hollis and Hugh Roads.

I bet you’ve never seen – £10 on it –
These, my local toponyms, turned sonnet.

"House by the Railroad," Edward Hopper, 1925


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