Coventry CV2

Here’s to the streets and roads of CV2!
Here’s to Hastings, Henley and Highfield Road!
Here’s to Manfield and Mercer Avenue!
Here’s to Wigston, Walsgrave and Wordsworth Road!
Here’s to Coventry, Keats and Cressage Road!
Here’s to Stratford, Sundew and Shakespeare Street!
Here’s to Haseley, Hyde and Honiton Road!
Here’s to Clara, Camden and Clements Street!
Here’s to Richmond, Milton and Mowbray Street!
Here’s to Woodway, Brays and Blackberry Lane!
Here’s to King Richard, Wren and Walnut Street!
Here’s to Shilton, Smeaton and School House Lane!

Since TLC’s the least the area merits,
Here’s, for CV2, my heartfelt sonnet.

"House by the Railroad," Edward Hopper, 1925


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