In times of military tension
Call twelve random ordinary people
From each side
In off the street
And ask them if
They’d prefer war or peace,

Pointing out first in brief –
Because, after all,
Random ordinary people
Have non-random, not-so-ordinary
Lives to lead
And won’t be paid for this –

Pointing out the pros and cons
Of peace and war,
Especially regarding
Ordinary not-so-ordinary people
And in particular
The poor.

Then take a vote…

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The votes cast in today’s ballot
In respect of peace and war
Were as follows:

For Peace: 24
And none for War.

I therefore hereby declare
The winner is Peace
And certainly not War.

When it comes to war and peace
In times of military tension,
It hardly ever tends
To end like this.

The Guardian, 8 February 2022: "Putin’s massive table: powerplay or paranoia?" Photograph: EyePress News/Rex/Shutterstock.


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