Frank Poems: WE-US/THEY-THEM

Can They-Them ever really know
who We-Us really are?

The She-Hers and He-Hims
of Us-We don’t think so,
and nor, being one of Us-We,
do I-Me either.

You see, the He-Hims and She-Hers
of Us-We – including Me-I –
are We-Us, whereas They-Them
are just Them-They.

They-Them call Them-Theyselves
‘We-Us,’ but that doesn’t fool Us-We:
We-Us will always think of Them-They
simply as ‘They-Them.’

And if You aren’t one of Us-We
You’re one of Them-They, by the way.

So no, there’s no way They-Them
can know who We-Us really are,
just like We-Us cannot really know
that much about Them-They

(leaving aside the fact
that, quite honestly,
We-Us don’t really know that much
about Us-We, We-Usselves.)

"House by the Railroad," Edward Hopper, 1925


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