Frank Poems: YOU’RE HERE

Up or down or over there,
above, below or yonder,
wherever you might wander
within this vale of joy and tears
there’s no escape, inescapably,
immanently, immutably
implacably, ineluctably
inevitably, inexorably
innately, invariably
invincibly, irrebuttably
irrefutably, irremediably
irreparably, irresistibly
irretrievably, irreversibly
irrevocably, unwaveringly
unremittingly, unrelentingly
unquestionably, unmistakeably
unfailingly, undoubtedly
undeniably, unavoidably
unassailably, indisputably
indispensably, incontestably
incessantly, inarguably

from here.

You’re always on the spot
(except when,
when you’re gone,
you’re not).

"House by the Railroad," Edward Hopper, 1925


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