Transcription into Ñspel of some Guardian/Observer articles




23 January 2022: Despite the violent past and toxic present, Britain and Ireland cannot escape the ties that bind

15 January 2022: The Observer view on Boris Johnson hurting the country and shaming his party



28 December 21: The Guardian view on Africa rising: the continent must develop in its own way

24 December 21: Our song was Christmas No 1 and we wanted to watch it on TV. So we knocked on a stranger’s door

22 December 21: The Tories said we could have our cake and eat it – now they are stuffed and voters are hungry/a>

19 December 21: Rose Ayling-Ellis’s Strictly victory shows deaf people can do anything

16 December 21: Don’t call it sleaze, call it corruption – why scandal haunts Boris Johnson’s government

15 December 21: ‘A rudderless outfit’: Conservative press turns on Boris Johnson

8 December 21: The Guardian view on Boris Johnson: a stranger to honesty

28 November 21: Even Macron still hopes Brexit Britain will come to its senses

20 November 21: ICU is full of the unvaccinated – my patience with them is wearing thin

20 November 21: Fresh prospect of criminal inquiry for Boris Johnson after Jennifer Arcuri agrees to assist ethics watchdog

14 November 21: The Observer view on parliamentary standards

31 October 21: Johnson’s foreign quarrels can’t conceal the truth about Brexit

30 October 21: Cop26: the time for prevarication is over

4 June 21: Modi’s bulldozing of parliament shows him as the architect of a Hindu Taliban

26 May 21: The Guardian view on Cummings’ testimony: a vivid portrait of failure

2 May 21: Why sleaze investigations are becoming more menacing for Boris Johnson

2 May 21: Brexit’s Mr Pooter may not survive his dispute with Cummings

30 April 21: Forget curtains and cash – Johnson’s legacy will be the bitter taste of Brexit

29 April 21: Country diary: all of life lies in the planted seed

22 April 21: Joe Biden’s billions won’t stop Bolsonaro destroying the Amazon rainforest

19 April 21: The ‘Tory sleaze’ of old is nothing compared to what the right gets away with today

18 April 21: Dominic Cummings, the last thing the troubled civil service needs is your advice

11 April 21: Rachel Whiteread: ‘I have a clarity I never had before’

10 April 21: Bolsonaro’s ‘genocidal’ Covid response has led to Brazilian catastrophe, Dilma Rousseff says

8 April 21: Under cover of Covid, Poland is stifling free media – and all Europe should be worried

7 April 21: The Guardian view on dark skies: we need them

4 April 21: The Brexit elite cannot hope to fool us for much longer

30 March 21: ‘The heart of darkness’: neighbors shun Brazil over Covid response

25 March 21: Indigenous peoples by far the best guardians of forests – UN report

18 March 21: If Labour doesn’t fight our broken electoral system, it could be out of power for ever

22 February 21: The Covid contracts furore is no surprise – Britain has long been a chumocracy

22 February 21: The world faces a pandemic of human rights abuses in the wake of Covid-19

16 February 21: As events in the US have shown, two-party politics is no longer fit for purpose

11 February 21: The Guardian view on two-tone nostalgia: the pride of Coventry

31 January 21: A year after Johnson’s swaggering Greenwich speech, 100,000 dead

10 January 21: The Observer view on Donald Trump’s assault on US democracy

7 January 21: The Guardian view on the storming of the US Capitol: democracy in danger

4 January 21: The Guardian view on Boris Johnson: forever behind the Covid curve

3 January 21: The Guardian view on Trump’s strategy: overturn result, cheat democracy



31 December 20: The Guardian view of Brexit: a tragic national error

30 December 20: The Guardian view on the Brexit debate: no scrutiny, no choice

29 December 20: The Guardian view on the future of the union: Britain faces breakup

28 December 20: I was an early Erasmus scholar, and I grieve for what British students have lost

27 December 20: The Guardian view on Britain out of the EU: a treasure island for rentiers

27 December 20: So long, we’ll miss you – we Europeans see how much you’ve helped to shape us

25 December 20: The Guardian view on Brexit in a time of Covid: Crisis? What Crisis?

24 December 20: The Guardian view on a Brexit deal: relief that leaves a bitter taste

9 December 20: Gina Miller: ‘Under Boris Johnson, corruption is taking hold in Britain’

8 December 20: Rafael Behr: ‘This is the last exit to Brexit. But in truth, there was only ever one road’

20 November 20: Gaby Hinsliff: ‘Give me a cheerful amateur like Bill Bailey over a joyless perfectionist any day’

26 September 20: Clive James: ‘The poems I remember are the milestones marking the journey of my life’

10 September 20: Adrian Chiles: ‘Is there anything more shaming than shelves full of books you will never read?’

10 August 20: ‘The Amazon is the entry door of the world’: why Brazil’s biodiversity crisis affects us all

2 August 20: Hassan Akkad: ‘For someone from Syria, the creeping authoritarianism is vivid in Britain’

12 May 20: ‘This made me smile’: our readers’ favourite coronavirus street art

9 May 20: Irish support for Native American Covid-19 relief highlights historic bond

9 May 20: Brazil’s President Bolsonaro must ‘drastically change course’ on Covid-19, says The Lancet

8 May 20: The Murdoch media’s China coronavirus conspiracy has one aim: get Trump re-elected

5 May 20: Will Americans ever forgive Trump for his heartless lack of compassion?

3 May 20: The Observer view on care home deaths being an indictment of our society

1 May 20: The Guardian view on Trump and Covid-19: Americans suffer. Will he?

30 April 20: The Guardian view on Johnson’s Covid-19 plan: doubt, deny and dismiss

30 April 20: ‘This moment is leaving a mark on me’: framing Rio under Covid-19’s shadow

26 April 20: Bolsonaro in fresh crisis over son’s alleged links to fake news racket

25 April 20: Are female leaders more successful at managing the coronavirus crisis?

24 April 20: Home, not away: the Tulip Project – in pictures

24 April 20: Revealed: leader of group peddling bleach as coronavirus ‘cure’ wrote to Trump this week

21 April 20: Our hospital, our NHS: what it was like to photograph an ICU in the Covid-19 crisis

21 April 20: Philip Pullman: ministers should face charges if Brexit politics slowed PPE

20 April 20: Boris Johnson is the wrong man in the wrong job at the wrong time

19 April 20: How did Britain get its coronavirus response so wrong?

18 April 20: Trump’s performances are terrifying – but I can’t stop myself watching them

18 April 20: Are the Tories set to make Britain a one-party state?

17 April 20: Lula: Bolsonaro leading Brazil ‘to slaughterhouse’ over Covid-19

16 April 20: Banksy reveals pest problem in new lockdown artwork

15 April 20: We scientists said lock down. But UK politicians refused to listen

14 April 20: Wounded by media scrutiny, Trump turned a briefing into a presidential tantrum

13 April 20: In this moment of crisis, macho leaders are a weakness, not a strength

12 April 20: I warned of Trump’s attack on science. But I never predicted the horror that lay ahead

12 April 20: US’s global reputation hits rock-bottom over Trump’s coronavirus response

11 April 20: Coronavirus has exposed the myth of British exceptionalism

11 April 20: With 1,000 deaths a day, our leaders should be facing far tougher questions

11 April 20: Coronavirus: who will be winners and losers in new world order?

9 April 20: A woman’s place appears to be anywhere but the Downing Street press briefing

8 April 20: Be it Hopper pastiche or Hockney original, art offers vital comfort in times of crisis

7 April 20: Coronavirus hits men harder. Here’s what scientists know about it

7 April 20: Leadership, Jim, but not as we know it with Captain Raab on bridge

6 April 20: Seven-year-old Greek piano prodigy pens an ‘isolation waltz’

6 April 20: Ruffled Raab gives little clue of true state of prime minister’s health

5 April 20: Queen praises the people, if not the government, and pulls off a tough gig

4 April 20: How science finally caught up with Trump’s playbook – with millions of lives at stake

3 April 20: The Guardian view on Trump and coronavirus: endangering American lives

2 April 20: UN secretary general: recovery from the coronavirus crisis must lead to a better world

1 April 20: Making a song and dance: the simple things keeping people going

1 April 20: The scale of the coronavirus crisis exposes how pointless the Brexit cause is

31 March 20: The coronavirus crisis has exposed the ugly truth about celebrity culture and capitalism

29 March 20: The Observer view on government failure in the coronavirus crisis

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