KEITH ANDREW: BACK CATALOGUE – A selection of etchings from 1977 to 2015 │ Royal Cambrian Academy, Conwy → 18 July 2015

Black Moon. Etching
Black Moon


“H fând in Anglsi an îḷnd ɖt apild t hiz cntmpḷtv nêćr n pṛvîdd hm wɖ ɖ subjictmatr ɖt rflcts it. H sensz its antiqti n its intiṃsi, n hz ɖ intelijns t alâ it t dictet ɖ crieśn v hiz picćrz n nvr impozz hmslf upn it.” (Cifin Wiłmz)

Eryl Crump NORTH WALES DAILY POST 19 June 2015


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