Frank Poems: LUCK


Don’t walk under a lad
Der, don’t let a frog in
Side, don’t open an um
Brella until you’re out out
Side, reflect before you break a mir
Ror, crossing black-cat paths – un
Wise, don’t sing when eating din
Ner, don’t bring an albatross de
Mise, don’t gift a purse with empty in
Ner, and of course there’s more be
Sides, but apropos of poe
Try, whatever your rhyming
Scheme, be mainly mighty careful not
To call your poem Thirteen.


Over your door a horseshoe
(forming a U).

New month, awaking,
White rabbit, the first words you say.

Leaves you caught in the autumn.

Your hair cut
under a waxing moon.

Salt over your left shoulder,
your four-leaf clover,
your coin in a fountain,
your penny down a well,
wood touched,
fingers crossed and

albeit with a slight delay
all should be well,
God willing.

Four-leaf clover


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