Videos about English spelling reform

Neel Le Meur, English Spelling Sucks – but we can fix it, September 2022

History Guy, The Simplified Spelling Board, 1 June 2022

K Klein: playlist

Casual Conlanger: playlist

The final session of the International English Spelling Congress, 28 January 2021.

Jan Misali, Most English spelling reforms are bad, 23 February 2020

International English Spelling Congress, 1st Session, 30 May 2018

Why is English spelling so complicated? 4 April 2018

“There are some real benefits to the spelling system as it now stands. First of all, it tells us so much about the history of the language…”

Steve Bett, Noah Webster: Spelling Reform, 30 July 2017

Lindybeige Lloyd, English spelling – a bit mad, but perhaps the best system around, 12 November 2015

“Despite what you might think, actually English spelling is a really good system, possibly even the best system around, possibly even the best possible system!”

Arika Okrent, Why is English spelling so weird? 10 April 2015

“There’s a lot of blame to go around for the spelling situation we find ourselves in. You might not find any comfort in that, the next time English sneaks up on you with another crazy spelling prank; but try not to get too mad at English: it’s not an arbitrary meanie, it’s just the victim of a complicated history!”

Anatoly Liberman, The future of spelling reform, June 2013

“I’m very much for simplifying English spelling: it’s hopeless.

“[…] Everyone agrees, in a way, and nothing has been done. And I’m sorry to say that nothing will ever be done. Unless there is someone, let us say, someone who will try to run as our prospective president on an agenda of reform of English spelling. Well, then something may happen! But I think that, between taxes and other things, the chance is vanishingly small.”

Tom Scott, Ghoti and the Ministry of Helth: spelling reform, June 2013

Paul Meier, Seamus Heaney’s Beowulf: Lines 1-85 in Reformed English Spelling, June 2013

Jane Flynn Anderson, Why ITA works for remediation of reading disabilities, March 2013

The Children of the Code Project, Melvile Dewey and Andrew Carnegie’s simplified spelling, July 2012

Clive Anderson / the Open University, The history of English in 10 minutes, November 2011

“All this despite a written alphabet that bears no correlation to how it sounds and a system of spelling that even Dan Brown couldn’t decipher.”

Glaserbeam, Standardized English (Eenglish) 2, 2011

Neal Holtschulte, A plan for the improvement of English spelling, April 2012

smelloftheice, Hitler plans to reform English spelling, June 2011

kalleboo, English spelling could have been a lot worse, April 2010

samblobloves, English spelling reform… is a sin, 2010

Masha Bell, Why improve English spelling? May 2009

Jake Cowan, Spelling reform in two minutes, 2009

Ed Rondthaler, Dumb English spelling, November 2008

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