ROBERT DAVIES: OF TIME AND THE RAILWAY │ MAC, Birmingham → 20 September 2015


“Đs z a film abt ɖ rêlwelîn btwn Brmñm n Aḅristwiʈ. Đ jrni, filmd bî Robt Dêviz, fṛm ɖ drîvr’z cab v ɖ trên, hz bn rcordd wīcli ovr 12 munʈs, so ɖt ɖ ćenjñ hymn jiogṛfi v ɖ industrịl n farmñlandscep z cómplimentd bî ɖ fizicl ćenjz ɖt imrj ovr ɖ sīznz.”


BBC 6 July 2015
CULTURE24 26 March 2015

West Midlands


2 thoughts on “ROBERT DAVIES: OF TIME AND THE RAILWAY │ MAC, Birmingham → 20 September 2015

  1. wow, thanks Frank, must try and see the whole film somewhere (we cant get BBC I player in Ireland) I used to live in Machynlleth where the train splits with another beautiful line going up the coast to Pwllheli, and later I lived on that line in Aberdyfi, both stunningly beautiful journeys which I did many times in the 25 years that I lived in Wales

    1. A pleasure, Liz. When I started my little bit of research on Robert Davies – who I hadn’t come across before – I thought it didn’t look terribly interesting, but I ended up finding it fascinating.

      I know the West Wales line, having stayed in Aberdyfi a few times on holiday, and you’re right: “stunningly beautiful.” Railway journeys are things that tend to stick in the memory, aren’t they. (“Of Time and the Railway”, indeed!) I always remember the diesel train from Westland Row in Dublin to Drummod in Co. Leitrim in the 1950s when we went to spend (marvellous) holidays on Aunt Marion and Uncle Tom’s farm on the town land of Moher. When the train crawled through Mullingar the wheels always squealed on the bend. And then the syncopation between the clickety-clack of the train and the telegraph poles whizzing by as we passed through miles and miles of bog land.

      I’m sure you could do a wonderful cartographical/conceptual painting on the theme of “Celtic Lines”!

      Go n-éirí an bóthar leat

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