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"Sussex Landscape," Gilbert Spencer, 1956

I’m not in favour
Of people being nasty
To one another.
The land fell away
As I crested the Downs,
Mist on the meadows
I’d much prefer it
If they’d try to be nice,
Hackneyed as that sounds
An ocean of gauze,
Tree tops floating on air,
Arboreal islands
But I’m also aware
That poets shouldn’t preach.
Before the dawn chorus.
Don’t be nasty,
Be nice
In the distance the sea,
Almost a mirage
Be nice,
Don’t be nasty
From home in South London,
Cycling through the night
Don’t be nasty,
Be nice
The sun burning the mist,
Light melting the dark
Be nice,
Don’t be nasty
Still beguiling my eyes,
A lifetime later
Don’t be nasty,
Be nice
Freewheeling down the Downs
Don’t be nasty
Blue sky to Brighton.
Be nice.