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Frank Poems: IF

"Girl Tending Geese," Benjamin Haughton, 1865-1924, Portsmouth Museums

If I had faith
That a poem of mine
At the right time
And in the right place
Could spread love and peace
Make foie gras history for geese
Take from the rich and give to the poor
Fix a broken back door
Make civilisation more civil
Stop talkers talking drivel
Resurrect the dead
Mend the garden shed
Save the whales
Get me a cottage in the Yorkshire Dales
Spread faith in hope and charity
Give transparency more clarity
Distinguish right from wrong
Liberate Hong Kong
Conjure something out of nothing
Help huffins and puffins
Enable one to keep one’s head
Multiply a loaf of bread
Empower the people
Stiffen the feeble
Vax the virus
Instantly inspire us
Reinforce the Celtic fringe
Celebrate those little things
Untwist me and unbitter
Unlout louts who drop their litter
Topple tyrants
Follow science
Rock that rhythm
Globalise goodism
Make thunder and lightning
A little less frightening
Take away the hurt
Justify a dessert
Put an end to greed
Make Warbreck Reserves win the football league
Reflower and reforest
Boot out Boris
Help the Martians get by on Mars
Florianopolise that empty vase
Make people weary
Of conspiracy theory
See orf aristocracy
Democratise democracy
Stop me going on a rant
Add a stress to eli fant
Earn some money
Make fundamentalists funny
Answer your prayers
Nix nightmares
Crack the climate crisis
Eliminate Isis
Heal the sick and make pain cease
Give cabbages increase
Exit Brexit
Take the biscuit
Spice up vegan saveloy
Make a man of you, my boy
Summon the sublime
Make the buses run on time
Stop the war
Work out what on earth life’s for
Bewitch and beguile
Or at least make you smile,
I might write more.

"House by the Railroad," Edward Hopper, 1925