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Frank Poems: OR NOT SONNET

The New York Times, 2006: "Stephen Fry Helps Fledgling Poets Leave the Nest"

Whether to write a rondelay or ode
(Horatian, Pindaric, softly Sapphic?),
Ottava rima, ballad or ballade?
Vilanelle, pantoum or something epic?
Whether a Shakespearean soulful sonnet,
Triolet, sestina or graceful ghazal?
Whether and how to mix iamb, pyrrhic,
Trochee, spondee, anapaest and dactyl?
Whether a poem can ever be ideal?
Whether blank verse might be more impressive
Or whether rhyme might make you love me still?
Whether the feet should be five, six or eight?
Whether to hasten with words from the heart?
Should a love poem prevaricate? Or not?