Frank Poems: TAKE 2

Clarín, 29/09/2021: Final del Mundial de Tango; Jesus Taborda y Sabrina Amuchastegui ailan en la ronda final de la categoría escenario.. Foto: Juano Tesone.


As you dance that dance
Of smouldering, albeit

Performative, passion,
As so many couples have

And so many do
And as you dance

That dance that began
Among so many dancers

In port cities along
The River Plate, and as

You dance to the music
Of so many composers,

Played by soloist, duo
Or sexteto, on guitar,

Violin, double bass,
Bandoneón and more,

As so many musicians
Have played and singers

Have sung, and so many
Still do, and as

You dance your moves,
Based on the moves

Of so many choreographers
And as you dance,


In costumes made
By so many hands

And as you dance
For an audience entranced,

As so many have been
And so many are,

Don’t you think, milonguera!
Milonguero! albeit

in the grip of smouldering,
Albeit performative,

Passion, don’t you think

It might take more

Than two?


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