The Guardian, 7 February 2022: "Trump’s incendiary Texas speech may have deepened his legal troubles, experts say." Photograph: Brian Cahn/Zuma/Rex/Shutterstock

The President said
Don’t worry, folks!
The Jina thing’s
Just a Democrat hoax.

The President said
I’m the expert who
Knew all along
It was only flu.

With just fifteen dead
I declare today
A big success
In the USA.

The President said
No one knew
All the warnings
Would turn out true.

Ignore fake news!
My right-hand fan
Li’l Mike Pence
Has it all in hand.

A great result!
Just a thousand dead
(Times thousands more),
The President said.

The President said
It’ll all go away
Just like a miracle
One day.

I can heal the sick
And raise the dead.
I’m Jesus Christ!
He nearly said.

The President said
What should smash it
Is bleach injection…
(Just being sarcastic).

Don’t listen to Fauci,
The President said.
If we’d followed the science
We’d all be dead.

The President said
I got it too
But I’m back at the White House
Coz I’m stronger than you.

The President said
Wave restrictions goodbye!
In the Land of the Free
Y’all free to die.

The President said
Biden’s a phoney.
Ignore the statistics.
I’m the one-and-only!

The election was stolen!
The President said.
I’ll walk alongside you.
(They drove him home instead.)

But the statistics were right
And Donald was wrong.
The President’s been
And the President’s gone.

(The President’s being prosecuted.
Witchhunt! he says.)

"House by the Railroad," Edward Hopper, 1925


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