Frank Poems: TINNY TUNE

Wiki: Tinnitus

My head, it is playing
A tune on one note
That flew in from nowhere
And hung up its coat

Playing the same note
From morning till night,
Playing the same note
On a poltergeist’s pipe

And no-one can hear it
Except only me:

Playing the same note
The same note the same note
Playing the same note
From noon to midnight.

It’s been playing the same tune
Till now from the start
And looks set to play it
Till death us do part

Playing the same tune
The same tune the same tune
Playing the same tune
From midnight to noon.

So if time to time
I look a bit glum
Please bear in mind
It’s not me, it’s Hum

Playing that same note
The same one the same one
Playing that same
Tinny tinnitus tune.


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