Frank Poems: SAXOPOMES 1

Wikipedia: Tenor saxophone

In the beginning
God created the heavens. Earth?
The hardest bit last.

In the beginning
Was the wordle, but wordle
Couldn’t be the word.


A short poem a day
Keeps the temptation to write
Longer poems at bay.

No use listening
To roses. If they whisper,
No one’s ear knows it.

Had it not been for
The Angles,
we anglophones could play
At being saxophones.

A haiku is ars
Brevis that aspires, like us,
To vita longa.

You might not like this
But you cannot much dislike
Such short duration.

So far, Century
21’s been anything
But exemplary.

Greenwashing’s a way
To cloak catastrophe with
A clean conference.

The Guardian, 31 October 2022: "Greta Thunberg to skip ‘greenwashing’ Cop27 climate summit in Egypt"

John Martin, "The Great Day of His Wrath." Tate

Will lyric poets still
Be writing lyric poetry
At the apocalypse?

No need to be koi.
Carpe diem, no matter
What your element

Carpe diem: Glasgow Botanical Gardens, September 2015

Mini-minor good,
Better than any make of
Maxi-major bad.

The Guardian: "The new Morris Mini-Minor: a family car for £500 - archive, 1959"

Only one way in,
One out. Amazinoutly


A traffic cone sits
On the head of the hero.
Glasgow smiles better.

The Guardian, 12 November 2013: "Glasgow council kills plan to prevent traffic cones on monument's head." Photograph: Garry F McHarg FOCAL Scotland.

BBC, 2016: "The Book of Kells: Medieval Europe’s greatest treasure?"

Dropped capitals: fine

In monastic manuscripts,
Less so in short rhymes.

Two of Coventry's famous three spires, seen from my house, 2016

Coventry’s three spires
Were seen from four sides, but now
Three fourths have expired.

No spires seen from my house, 2020.

The Guardian, 14 January 2023: "On my radar: Elizabeth Alker’s cultural highlights." Southbound Pies by Jen Orpin, 2021. Photograph: © Jen Orpin.

Rather depressing
Can be rather uplifting,
If you’re not depressed.

(19th April)

It’s Gini’s birthday
Today. Time to celebrate
A genuine ginius.

Now is the time for
All good men to step aside
For better women.


Allotments are more
Than war on weeds:
peace and love,
And lovage and peas.

"The secret world beneath our feet is mind-blowing – and the key to our planet’s future." George Monbiot, the Guardian, 7 May 2022

They say the word Love
Is overused. Whereas love,
My love, is under

Double you double
You double you dot. World-wide.
Do make it worthwhile.

CERN: "A short history of the Web"

Did it all happen
By happenstance? Half the world
Run by psychopaths.

Porridge is poetry
With whiskey butter. The proof
Is in the porridge.

Overnight steel-cut oats with whiskey butter

Here’s a little dream
Where you’re dreaming of a dream
You dreamed that you dreamt.

It’s not just walking
The walk, it’s talking poet talk
On the poetry walk.

Poetry Walk

GHOST TRAIN, Birmingham New Street Station, October 2017

At New Street Station,
Last night, the ghost passed me by
Of the late last train.

If you’re nice, the train
At Platform 5 will take you
Straight to Paradise.

In the human race
Don’t run too fast. Jesus said
The first will be last.

Trains and boats and planes,
Cars, bikes, buses and trams, and
Feet and legs to boot.

The Times, 2013

Wait for the green man
And be patient with his twin.
Better red than dead.

See Naples and die
Or see Little Eccleston-
With-Larbreck and live.

Cartford Bridge

If your choice were this –
Earthly or heavenly bliss – best
To sample each first.

We’re living to die,
Which explains why we mostly
Spend life dying to live.

What’s not rocket science
But is now the new normal?
No brainer! Cliché.

Escherlators are
Escalators that only
Seemingly escalate.

M C Escher, "Ascending and Descending," March 1960, lithograph.

Yellow, blue and red,
Thence orange,
green and purple.
Black and white? Not quite.

Red postbox, blue sky.
Push the envelope inside, but
Think outside the box.

Mondrian disliked green,
But whether that was mutual
Remains to be seen.

Broadway Boogie Woogie, 1942-43,Oil on Canvas, cm. 127 x 127 (50" x 50"), MoMA, NYC, USA

The Christian Alt-Right
Is the religion that’s right
For oxymorons.

The Guardian, January 2022: "The backlash against rightwing evangelicals is reshaping American politics and faith"

If you must be mis
Ogynist, you so must miss
Not having been born.

Alas, Alaska!
Que será, à la Sarah,
Is baked Alaska.

BBC, Good Food

Seventy-six and
Never been in a mosh pit.
Should I regret it?

The Guardian, 8 July 2022: "Martin Rowson on Boris Johnson’s legacy"

Brexit meant Brexit
But, for Boris, I resign
Really meant Remain.

Cartoon Movement, 6 September 2022: "UK Leaders"

David, Theresa,
Boris, Liz, Sunak. Alack!
Years we won’t get back.

The Guardian, 4 January 2023: "Ben Jennings on Rishi Sunak’s plan for extra maths lessons"

Will legislators
Who advocate a little state

The Guardian, 9 October 2022: "Ben Jennings on Liz Truss’s first month as prime minister"

If you must harp on,
Harp on as an art, e.g.
Harp on on a harp.

"House by the Railroad," Edward Hopper, 1925


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